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With MailChimp you can send email campaigns to all of your subscribers and prospects. In Matrix, you have all of your contacts and activities. Combining Matrix and MailChimp allows for you to send emails to your contacts in Matrix and to log the email as an activity as well.

With this integration you can:

  • Automatically send new contacts to MailChimp each night without the need to manually move data
  • Automatically create activities in Matrix after a campaign has been sent and affiliate them with each recipient.
  • Manually send Contacts to MailChimp while, optionally, either creating a new campaign or attaching them to an existing campaign directly from Matrix
  • View which campaigns a contact has been a part of in the past from the Contact Profile and know if the emails and links have been opened

There is no need to reach out to Matrix in order to implement this integration. If you already have a MailChimp account then you can get started in minutes by going to My Profile within Matrix and configuring the MailChimp to work with Matrix from the Integrations tab.While in My Profile, locate the Integrations tab. You’ll see a new option for MailChimp that you can you the slider button to turn ON or OFF.

  1. Turn MailChimp ON/OFF
  2. Paste in the API Key from MailChimp into this field. Matrix will validate the key after you click outside of the field. If you are not sure how to find your API Key click on the “Show How to Get API Key” link as shown above.
  3. Optionally check this option on for Matrix to send your contacts to MailChimp each night. This is a no fuss way for getting your contacts into the system that needs them! Keep in mind your possible limit for your MailChimp account as we cannot send contacts if over your limit.
  4. Select an existing list to save all of your contacts to when automatically sent from Matrix for easy retrieval within MailChimp. This will be disabled if you are not automatically sending contacts each night.

Note: if you have a corporate account that a few people use to send campaigns you may want to share 1 API key with multiple users so that their individual contact lists will feed your one corporate account. This allows for easier access for groups with dedicated Marketing teams.

There are a few more things that you can do to better control your MailChimp integration within Contact Lists created with List Builder via the Mass Actions drop-down.

  1. Send to MailChimp—Sends the selected contacts(s) to MailChimp. No further actions will take place
  2. Send to MailChimp Campaign—Sends the selected contact(s) to MailChimp and adds them to the selected, existing campaign.
  3. Send to MailChimp and Create a Campaign—Sends the selected contact(s) to MailChimp and allows you to create a new campaign. You will need to select the Campaign Type, Campaign Name, Email Subject, From Name, and From Email Address in order to create the campaign from within Matrix.

Contact Profiles also contain a pod showing you the campaigns that the contact has been a part of in the past, when the campaign was sent, and how many times the email was opened or a link was clicked within the email. Use this to help determine interest of a particular contact and if it makes sense to follow up with another campaign.

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