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KATZ is integrated with your Matrix solution. The process begins in KATZ, where you will create your proposal. The proposal is then automatically sent to Matrix nightly, where the details will automatically create a new deal. Taking advantage of this integration will prevent you from having to enter deal details in both systems; thereby, saving you time, and offering valuable insight into your forecast. Some benefits of this integration include:

  • Load Proposals from KATZ into Matrix to be created as pending Deals (ex: Nightly)
  • KATZ creates Prospects in Matrix when they do not yet exist in Matrix (ex: Nightly)
  • All Deals are assigned to a single user of your choosing in Matrix, often some form of universal national seller
  • Once in Matrix, you are free to edit the deal as you please. KATZ will not overwrite your changes

Before getting started, a few questions need to be answered by KATZ and your organization such as where the file(s) will be located and who should we have the newly created Prospects and Deals assigned to (often times given to a generic “* National” salesperson that all NSM’s have partitioned access to). A Matrix team member will also need to map a few settings behind the scenes so please be patient while we prepare your KATZ Integration.

Among the key fields utilized from KATZ in Matrix are:

  • Activity Filter – allows for identification of today’s date
  • SalesActivityNumber – used to name the deal in Matrix
  • Sequence Number – tracks if any changes have been made to the deals
  • Advertiser Name – the account name in Matrix
  • Agency Name – the agency name in Matrix
  • Product Name – used to name the deal in Matrix
  • Office Name – the office name in Matrix
  • Sales Person Name – the account executive to associate the deal to
  • Flight Start Date – the start date of the deal
  • Flight End Date – the end date of the deal
  • Station – call letters or asset associated with the deal
  • Header Status – the status of the deal in Matrix
  • Month – the month/year to associate the deal dollars to
  • Pending Station $ - the dollars for the month/year of the deal item

KATZ creates two files that are imported into Matrix each night.  These files contain 6 months of forecasted information and cover the current year. Once the files are in place Matrix can begin the daily automated importing process.  Your integration with KATZ allows for 2 things to happen:

  1. Any new Advertisers and Agencies coming from KATZ will be created as a prospect within Matrix and assigned to the user designated during setup. The outlets associated with this prospect will be chosen based upon the outlets found within the KATZ file(s) for that advertiser on that specific Contract ID.
  2. New, Open-Pending Deals will be created within Matrix based upon the Contract ID from KATZ and also given to the user designated during setup. The Advertiser, Agency, Outlets, Office, and dollar amounts will be set on the deal based upon their values found within the KATZ file(s) as well.

At this point, your NSM’s will be responsible for all future changes with these newly created deals from KATZ. They will recognize a KATZ deal within Matrix by the default name that we provide and can treat the deal just like any other deal within Matrix. For example, if a new contract with the advertiser name “Save-A-Lot Grocery” was found on 4/9/2014, Matrix would create a deal with the name of “Save-A-Lot Grocery (Katz Deal 4/9/2014)”. This can, of course, be changed after creation if the user wishes to do so.

When the dollars eventually come in from traffic, Matrix will reconcile the deal just like any other deal in the system by removing pending until it reaches $0 at which point the deal will be set to Closed-Won.

Note: Matrix will not process updates to the deal created from KATZ so that users’ changes are not overwritten with each daily import. The only exception is when a Contract ID is no longer found within a KATZ file for the file’s timeframe. If this occurs, the corresponding deal will be deleted and it should be assumed that the dollars will be imported from traffic soon if not already.


Q. When the deal is created in Matrix, how does Office field become populated?

A. The Office field will be pulled from the KATZ file so that the office selected in KATZ will align with the deal from KATZ.

Q. How often is information sent from KATZ to Matrix?

A. Data is transferred from KATZ to Matrix once a day in the early morning hours to update the system from the previous day’s activities in KATZ.

Q. I updated a deal in Matrix. Will the details also be synced with the proposal in KATZ?

A. No, the details will not be synced. No syncing will occur at any time, whether the updates were made in KATZ or in Matrix. If, for example, you edit a deal in Matrix and need those details to also reflect in KATZ, then you will need to make those updates in KATZ.

Q. I deleted a deal in KATZ. What happens to it in Matrix?

A. The deal will automatically be deleted in Matrix. No further action is expected on your part.

Q. In Matrix, I need to know which deals were generated from KATZ. Where can I see this information?

A. Look at the names of the deals. Deals created from KATZ will have the Activity Number and the Product from KATZ in the deal name.

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