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OSI - Generating Matrix Import File

In order for Matrix to contain updated billing information, you will need to export one file from OSI to import into Matrix on a daily basis.  Daily generation of the Matrix Export file is necessary for updating Matrix with the most recent sales figures.   The Export file is generated manually.  The file is output in .MTX text format. 

In order to generate the traffic file and import into Matrix, you will need the following:

  • Access and permissions to OSI Traffic
  • Access and permissions to the Matrix Export report in the Billing and Receivables module in OSI
  • Access and Import permissions to Matrix

To generate the OSI Matrix Import File, follow the below steps:

1. Log in to OSI Traffic

2. Click on the Billing icon to open the Billing and Receivables screen.

3. Select Matrix Export from the Receivables menu

4. The Matrix Plus Revenue Export window is displayed.

5. Update the following options:

Select the Station(s) you wish to include in Matrix. To include all, check <All Stations>
Start Year
Select the year to start in
Start Month
Select the previous month
Number of Months
Select 12 to obtain a full year of billing information
Break Types
Select the Break Types you wish to include in Matrix. To include all, check <All Break Types>
Account Type 2(s)
Select the Account Type 2s you wish to include in Matrix. To include all, check <All Account 2 Types>.
Make sure any unwanted account types (such as Trade, Barter, etc.) are not checked.
Output File
Set to the Matrix directory or another location on your network. Click “Browse” to locate the directory where you wish to save the file.

6. Click the Export button to generate the report and export to the specified Output File. The default naming convention of the file is: “YYYY_Month_##Months.MTX.” For example, the file 2007_April_12Months.MTX was generated starting in April 2007 for 12 months.

Import File Format Example

The headings in the file should be in the following order:

  1. Station
  2. Acct Type 1
  3. Revenue Type
  4. Sales Office
  5. Sales Person
  6. Agency
  7. Advertiser
  8. Product
  9. Year
  10. Month
  11. Calendar Gross
  12. Calendar Net
  13. Broadcast Gross
  14. Broadcast Net
  15. Brand
  16. Primary Demo

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