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WideOrbit - How to Find the WideOrbit AE Code

When utilizing WideOrbit, the information that is received by Matrix for the salesperson is not the name of the salesperson, but instead a code. For example a John Smith may have a code similar to JSMI or JSM1. Matrix needs to know the WideOrbit code of the salesperson so that the team can correctly activate or deactivate a user. 

Finding this code is relatively easy from within WideOrbit. Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Login into WideOrbit
  2. Launch the Security User Model/Account Executive Module
  3. Pull User List from the Security User Model
  4. Select the appropriate Account Executive and modify the columns to include First Name, Last Name and AE code
  5. Click on Run
The resulting display will provide the appropriate AE code needed by the Matrix team.

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