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Office 365 Configuration for IT Administrators

NOTE: In order to use this integration, all users will need to be members in your Azure Active Directory.

Before your sales team can begin using the Office 365 integration with Matrix for keeping their calendars synchronized and easier emailing capabilities, you’ll want to take a couple of minutes and configure a few settings.

Before starting this configuration, ensure you have already provided Matrix with Azure Active Directory GUID. You can find this GUID by going into the Azure Active Directory and selecting Properties from the Manage menu. The ID is shown in the Directory ID box.

After providing the ID, please wait until you hear back from Matrix before moving on to the next steps.

Once Matrix has configured your integration setting, we will work with you to enable the integration from within Matrix.

1.    As an admin*, log into Matrix and click on the Settings page from the Admin menu.   *Not all customers of Matrix have an on-site Admin. Many take advantage of using Matrix as their admin. If this applies to you, please call your Success Manager at Matrix and we’ll be happy to work with you in configuring the remaining steps for Office 365!

2.    Once loaded, click on the Integrations tab.

3.    You may need to scroll down a bit in order to locate the Office365 Integration. Once you do, simply flip the switch from NO to YES.

4.    You will be sent to another page in order to make the connection to the Office 365 API and App. Log in with your Microsoft Admin User ID.

5.    After authenticating, Accept the requested access for Matrix to handle Calendars, Emails, and Contacts for salespeople as they interact with the Matrix and Office 365 environments.

6.    Once approved, you will be taken back to the Integrations tab within Matrix on the Settings Page. You will need to select the default Activity Type to be used when Events in Office 365 are created as Activities within Matrix before clicking Save.  That’s it for IT/Matrix Admins!

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