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Matrix Mobile - Adding and Editing Deals

The best way to create a deal is via the Actions menu and selecting the + Deal option. Of course you can create Deals anywhere, but this is an easy way to help automatically populate data for you.

Deals are how you update your pending which contributes to your forecast to allow you and your manager to track how you are performing compared to your budget. They’re crucial to a successful, profitable month/quarter/year, and are relatively easy to update from your mobile device. 

To win or Lose the deal manually go to Deal List by clicking on the Deals button from the Quick Launch navigation on your home page or from the main navigation side menu item. Then select the deal that you would like to edit. This will pull up all the information that was entered into this deal. If you would like to edit other information in this deal click the Edit Header button and from there you can edit or add additional information to your deal. 

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