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Notes for April 1, 2022


Agency Types - Holding Companies

We are implementing our first phase of Agency Types this week with Holding Companies. Many customers have asked us for a way to roll up Agencies into their parent / holdco for reporting and general workflow within Monarch. Have you ever asked, "I wonder how we're doing with Publicis Groupe?" and then ran a Forecast Report only to find that you can get the revenue for Publicis Groupe itself, but not the big picture on how Publicis Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBH, and others are also performing as they roll into Publicis Groupe. Now you can configure your holdcos and which agencies roll into them for a more complete picture.

  • Admins configure holdcos and agencies that roll into them in a one-time setup.
  • We have updated the Forecast and Budget Reports to handle Holding Companies as new hierarchies and filters.
  • Agency Profiles have been updated for holdcos so that you and easily see Booked, Pending, and Pacing information for the holdco and any agencies rolling up into it.
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