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Notes for February 19, 2021


  • The Activity Calendar can now be viewed by Incomplete and Complete activities just like the list. 
  • The Activity Calendar will also display the Agency and/or Account name on the calendar view in addition to the Time and Subject. 
  • We have enhanced the Account and Agency filters on reports so that you can more easily select multiple options with similar names without retyping and waiting each time. This should dramatically decrease the time to generate very specific, granular reports. 
  • Country will now be a required field for Agencies.
  • Salespeople running the Espresso Shot will once again see information populating in their Budget Comparison in the top right corner.
  • If you have Business, Home, or Mobile phone numbers they will now display on the Contact Profile
  • Adjusted the font size on the Contact Profile to be more consistent with other areas of Monarch
  • Some users may have experienced difficulty in exporting the Multi-Year Sales History Report to Excel. This has now been corrected and the download will complete.
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