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Notes for September 6, 2018


  • We have spruced up Monarch with a new logo and more consistent fonts. 
  • The Pending Deals Data Card has been updated with new graphics in order to make understanding and breaking down your pending deals a better experience! You can click into a pie slice for categories of business or view all pending deals at once. Let us know if you might want to see this data by another metric!
  • The Recently Imported Revenue Data Card has been given new graphics to show imports by Outlets. This allows you to drill into a specific Outlet or view all of the Recently Imported Revenue, by Account, from the latest import. 
  • When using the Deals to Revenue feature and choosing to use the Net Amount on a deal, Monarch will save the revenue to the expected Gross and Net buckets.



  • The Deal Status Report has been updated to more accurately reflect the owner of closed deals. Previously we would attribute a deal to the person that closed the deal. Now we will attribute the deal to the current owner of the deal which should make the process significantly better when deals are automatically reconciled or when a manager / sales assistant closes deals on behalf of a salesperson for any reason.



  • The Accounts Near Me feature is once again working for iOS. You should no longer be seeing (or not seeing) hidden pins on screen when using our mobile offering on your iPhone.
  • Activities with an apostrophe in the subject can now be saved.
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