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Notes for June 8, 2024


  • Activities can have a new, optional Next Steps field. This is a customizable list that an admin can enable for the entire organization and then make it always optional on activities or a required field to complete Activities. We recommend that you keep this list short and meaningful as it can then be used to help filter Activities on the Activity Report. If this sounds like something you may  want, then reach out to your Success Manager at Matrix to learn more!
  • Have you ever wondered what kind of effort it took to acquire new business? Activities that are attributed to Leads, Prospects, or Billing accounts that haven't' billed in longer than the new business definition will be automatically flagged as activities for new business. You can then run an Activity Report to see those activities that are only tied to new business acquisition, existing business, or both. Contact your Success Manager to learn more and see if this is a fit for your organization!
  • Added Deal Status drop-down filter to the Deals Landing Page in order to let me see only open deals, or only closed deals, etc.
  • A new hierarchy and filter can be selected from the Forecast Change Report, "Sales Stages". This is the same field that we have on the Forecast Report.
  • Corrected an issue where the State dropdown was blank when editing an Account or Agency unless you changed the Country first. 
  • Corrected an issue where an Activity without an Account could not be rescheduled to another date or adjust its start/end times. 
  • Corrected an issue where Forecast Report, exported excel files would not match the info on our report web page (specifically Billed LY and TY columns, when "Only show rows with Pending Dollars" was checked.
  • Mobile contacts can now define the primary phone number for Business, Home, or Mobile.
  • Agency Only Deals can once again be cloned
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