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Notes for December 2, 2023


  • Activities can optionally be automatically completed if they are past the scheduled date. 
    • To help with getting visibility on the outcomes from all of the great calls and meetings you have we've also built a new notification into the bell icon in the top right showing activities that will be automatically completed in the near future. 
    • From there you can quickly add notes and schedule your next touch point to ensure you're always on top of each customer! 
    • This free upgrade can be enabled after a quick chat with your Success manager to help you configure it for the entire organization so expect us to be in touch soon!
  • Grouped Categories will display correctly in Excel exports of reports.
  • The Deal Status Report will no longer show incorrect Sales Stages when Deal Weight is used in the hierarchy.
  • The Deals That May Need to be Reviewed Data Card is once again returning results.
  • Project page will show correct values for Sold and Pitched columns when viewing by Market
  • Inventory Details and Project Analysis tab on a Project Profile was showing an incorrect count and percentage for inventory sold. This has been corrected.
  • Scheduling a Follow-up Activity from the Activity Profile will correctly include the Account and Contact on the new Activity if they were previously used.
  • The Master Account List time to load has been improved by up to 90%!
  • Files uploaded to Matrix Locker without an extension will no longer cause the Account Profile, and other areas where locker files are rendered, to not display.
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