Matrix Support

Notes for June 3, 2023


  • An issue was fixed where managers could see more Accounts than were actually owned by a salesperson when searching for an Agency in the Global Search box and viewing the Search Results page. You will now only see the billing accounts affiliated with the Agency and Salesperson combination. 
  • The Account List could be filtered in a way that would still include unfiltered results. This has been corrected to only show results matching your filter criteria.
  • Corrected an issue that would allow an account waiting to be reassigned to be reassigned again which would cause unpredictable results on who the new owner would be.
  • Updated the logic when picking a project on a deal. Previously if you chose a Project for an Outlet that was not participating in that Project, then the Outlet would change to the first Outlet you had access to on the Project. Now, if you choose a Project for an Outlet that is not participating in the Project, then the Project will not be selected, the Outlet will remain selected, and a red error message will display letting you know to change the Outlet or request it be added to the project in order to be saved. This should prevent unexpected Outlets from being added to a Project Pitch.
  • We have added formatting commas into the entry and read experience with Budgets, Top Down Forecast, and Deals. Larger numbers should be much easier to recognize.
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