Matrix Support

Notes for April 1, 2023


  • Corrected an issue where the Show Group option on Sales Productivity was not working correctly when a Salesperson filter was applied.
  • Addressed an issue where using Outlet filter in conjunction with performing a reassignment from the Account List was ignoring the unfiltered Outlets on the account and reassigning them too.
  • Corrected an issue where the deal was not splitting with the new owner on partial reassignment. Please ensure your Account, Agency, Office, Outlet, and Salesperson are filled in on a deal for a split to complete.
  • Account Growth now has Auditing and Changelog capabilities!  From the entry data card, a new button exists to view the changelog where you can see when a change was made, who made it, and what specifically was updated. See your Success Manager to discuss if Account Growth is the next workflow for you!
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