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Notes for March 4, 2023


  • Addressed an issue where Contacts occasionally did not get reassigned to the new owner when an Account was reassigned.
  • Various Account related issues addressed (accounts missing on the account list, empty rows when expanding accounts on the account list, results missing form list builder)
  • Reassignment issues were addressed to increase performance and mitigate issue found where more than expected subgrid rows were reassigned in certain scenarios.
  • Corrected an issue with merging Outlets and Revenue Types that could cause the Spending Not Spending by Outlet and/or Spending Not Spending by Revenue Type Alerts to show incomplete results. If this happens again, a warning will display on your Alerts page letting you know the alert's configuration is no longer valid due to admin maintenance and you will need to update it in order to show fresh results.

 Another round of Account Growth enhancements have arrived! Contact your Success Manager for more information about this feature that allows you to plan how to handle your Accounts each quarter!

  • Classification Scenarios - Sometimes it's obvious what a classification should be and you just need a view where this quarter's spending is more than the same quarter last year to review and quickly set GROW classifications (as an example). Scenarios allow you to filter the Account Growth entry screen with less row by row thought.
  • Some classifications can now be automated such as when a new Outlet comes in on an Prospect or Billing Account it can be automatically set to GET or GROW (as examples). Admins can configure these optional settings if desired.
  • Planned vs Actual Report - This report allows you to find Accounts that you planned to grow or churn but did not go according to plan. It also sheds light on any rows that may have been overlooked during the classification process.

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