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Notes for January 19, 2023


  • The Billing and Prospecting Relationships on the Summary tab of the Agency Profile is now paged as a way to improve load times for Agency's with larger amounts of relationships.
  • You can now search for Accounts in the Billing and Prospecting Relationships on the Agency Profile's Summary Tab.
  • Agencies without a Billing or Prospecting Relationship will now show a message No Accounts Found instead of displaying empty pods on the Agency Profile's Summary Tab.
  • The number of relationships in Billing and Prospecting Relationships displays on the Summary tab in the lower right of each section.
  • Reassigning an Account will also reassign ownership on a Project if the Account is fully reassigned to a new owner.
  • The Budget report has a possibility to have too much data on it that Excel cannot open it due to a restriction in the number of rows it can handle. If this happens, we will display a helpful message on screen letting you know the file will be too large to open in Excel and recommend that you use CSV, remove some hierarchies, shorten your time frame, select fewer metrics, or filter out additional values.
  • We noticed some examples of very complex Forecast Reports being run with many hierarchies and options set. This, previously, caused the report to fail but will now run. If you continue to receive errors when configuring a report with many options, please let us know your settings so that we can look into optimizing it for new scenarios.
  • A small number of customers were experiencing an issue with Outlet reassignment requests not notifying managers of the desire for the Outlet to be reassigned. This has been addressed.
  • Some customers experienced an issue where historical budget templates were no longer showing, and this has been corrected.
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