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Notes for November 16, 2022


  • Activity Expenses have been added to Activities! When you add or edit an activity, you'll now see an Expense field allowing you to enter dollar amounts representing the cost of performing the activity. These are often used for transportation, restaurants, and other costs of doing business. Additionally, the Activity Report will show expenses by Activity and a new Activity Expense Report can be enabled which is focused on the expense aspect of Activities and how it relates to financial information. All of this requires a discussion with your Success Manager to enable so reach out to us today if this sounds like something for you!
  • Emails notifying salespeople of reassignment requests completing will now be sent after the reassignment has finished instead of when the reassignment request is initiated.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a Pitch on a Project to Sold was not also winning the corresponding deal when there were no other dollars remaining on the deal.
  • Updating the Project dollars from a Project will now try to keep all values to a single deal instead of creating 1 deal per row on the pitch.
  • Corrected an issue preventing some salespeople from deleting non billing accounts from their account list.
  • The relationships tab on the Account and Agency profiles will no longer show deleted activities in the last/next activity sections.
  • Managers will now see all selected agencies in the reassignment dialog when reassigning more than one.
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