Matrix Support

Notes for October 5, 2022


  • Pending, Booked, and Budget values will show correctly for shared accounts on reports such as the Forecast Report or cards like the Sales Outlook.
  • If Revenue Type is required on a deal (an admin level setting), then it will also be required on a project since they are not directly related and part of the same workflow.
  • Activities will once again display as expected on the Activities tab of the Project profile pages.
  • When Weights and Sales Stages are forced together on Deals, Projects will also only allow those same weights through stages.
  • Corrected an issue where a Project Amount could still display in reports even if the Project row was deleted from a deal.
  • Projects can no longer be created without Run Dates.
  • If "Include Pitched Projects as Part of my Forecast" was selected when the Sales Outlook first loaded, it was not including those amounts unless you first deselected and then reselected the option. This is now working on page load as intended.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some leads and prospects from being deleted.
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