Matrix Support

Notes for August 24, 2022


  • The Agency List can now not only show the Agencies that you have a relationship with, but also the agencies that salespeople on your team have a relationship with via the Master List. It's a great way to understand if someone is already handling the business that you just heard about or want to try for.
  • Prospect Agencies can now be deleted from the Agency List. Select one or more prospect agencies and the option will appear in the mass actions at the bottom of the screen. Note that if you select one or more agencies that have spent with you in the past you will not be able to delete the selection.
  • Quick Actions on the Agency List will now work with one click instead of a double click.

    You can now email all contacts in one click from the Account and Agency Profile page view a new Email All button on the Contacts tab

  • Deleting a deal or row on a deal with a project will remove the pitched amount from the project.

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