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Notes for July 28, 2022


  • Deals have been updated to provide an easy, streamlined way for salespeople to pitch Projects already created by managers while working through their monthly, quarterly, or yearly buys. This allows salespeople to enter project information at the same time they enter deal information from a single location, without having to go to two different places in the system. If you have been selling projects, then your Pitched dollars will begin showing up in deals or creating their own deals over the next few days as the change begins to propagate through Monarch. Check out the Project field on your deals today in order to plan your next project or event. Managers, now is a great time to start creating new projects for your sales initiatives!
  • Salespeople will once again display in alphabetical order when adding a deal as a manager.
  • Deals for shared accounts will once again display when clicking on the $ icon on the Sales Outlook
  • Quick Actions for creating an Activity, Contact, and Deal now exist from the Agency List and will pre-populate with the proper Agency upon creation.
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