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Notes for March 3, 2022


  • Data Cards that you add to your Home Page can be renamed by clicking on the edit pencil for the specific card. Any cards added and pushed out for the entire organization can only be renamed by an admin.
  • Sorting by Salesperson on the Project Profiles will once again sort properly
  • On the Sales Productivity, we have renamed each instance of "Est Close" to "Due Date" to better match wording throughout Monarch.
  • We've made a slight change to the column label section of the Pipeline on the Deals landing page. There was a demarcation line that went through the dollar figure headings. This has been moved downward to improve visibility of the labels.
  • We’ve created a new way to view deals and their attributes, and we've added it to the Deals landing page. The Grid View allows for quick viewing of important deal information. From the Grid View, you can open a deal, or jump to its account, agency or salesperson. We've also added an option within the Admin interface to show just the Grid View or to have three choices: the Grid View, the Pipeline, or the Closing Soon list.


  • Mobile deals will no longer allow you to change the Sales Stage and Weight interchangeable when the weight is configured to only be changed through the Sales Stage.
  • Mobile Deals will now respect Outlet and Revenue Type relationships if configured by the admin
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