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Notes for February 9, 2022


  • Are you a manager in need of reassigning an entire Agency-worth of accounts to another salesperson? Head over to the Agency List where we've just unveiled the ability to reassign Accounts by Agency.  
    • In conjunction with our recently released grouping functionality to show Accounts under each Agency you can now select Agencies via checkboxes which will automatically select the underlying accounts for easy reassignment via the new reassign button that will appear on the bottom of your screen (that you don't even need to scroll to see!) 

    • On top of providing the quicker reassignment functionality here, we've improved the partial reassignment experience so that it will copy the Address, Notes, Tags, and Contacts of any accounts that you may only give a part of to the next seller while still retaining some of the business on the original seller. This helps to ensure nobody is blindsided during an Account reassignment whether it is initiated from the Agency or the Account List!  

  • The Sales Productivity Card can now tell you how many active billing accounts each salesperson has had. For reference, an active billing account is any account that spent with you over the last 12 months or into the future. Clicking through on this count will also provide you a listing of those account, how much they spent, their rank, and even the percentage of active account booked dollars they represented for the seller. Contact your Success Manager to have this enabled if desired! 

  • The Budget Report has a new option to show or hide any of the 12 metrics available on the report such as Billed TY, Forecast, and each of the calculations. We've also added 2 new metrics, Budget Next year and Pending, to this report. This should now make the report much easier to read for those just looking for a few fields of information. 

  • Contacts on the Search Results page will now have links to the Phone Number and Email Address if present. Hovering over either will display the value while clicking on the email link will initiate a new email. 

  • Corrected an issue where some $0 open deals were not previously displaying on the Deals landing page 

  • Improved the stability of the budget auto-fill functionality. 

  • Corrected an issue with Matrix Locker where empty folders accessed from the content area (on the right) would show the files and folders of the directory above it instead of an empty folder.

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