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Notes for December 22, 2021


We've made changes to a number of reports that many of our customers run on a regular basis 

  • Forecast Report  
  • Estimated Close Date and Sales Stages can now be used as Hierarchies on the Forecast Report; additionally, Sales Stage is also a filter for the Forecast Report
  • Estimated Date and Creation Date have been automatically added whenever Deal is a hierarchy on the Forecast Report
  • Budget Report
    • New $ Diff TY-LY, and calculations
  • Pacing Report  
  • New option to show the Pipeline (Booked + Proposed + Pending) or the Forecast (Booked + Pending)
  • Optionally can use the Top Down Forecast in place of the traditional Forecast
  • Market Projects Report 
    • New report to track Project usage across your organization
    • The new report is located on the Misc tab within Reporting
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