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Notes for November 17, 2021


We have added a lot of new options to the Agency List, most of which you can find under the new Show Options menu at the top of the list. These options are all sticky and will persist from the last used selections.

  • Group Accounts by Agency and Salesperson - This new option allows you to view all of the accounts grouped under their respective agencies.  Deselecting the option returns to the default list format with Agencies and all of their accounts.
  • Display by Market - This option includes the Market in the top level groupings on the Agency List. A market filter will display when the column is added. 
  • Display Accounts by the latest Agency only - This option considers the history for every Account and only displays the Account as it is related to the latest agency according to last billed. For example: if an account was originally working with Carat and is now with Ackerman and McQueen then it will only show under Ackerman and McQueen even though it historically had 1 or more agencies affiliated with it.
  • The Agency List can now be filtered by Outlet.
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