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Notes for October 20, 2021


We have increased the number of data cards that you can have on your home page by adding tabs. 

  • These tabs can be renamed and added as you see fit so if you want to group a workflow on a single tab, go right ahead! Any user created tabs can also be deleted. Keep in mind your default view that you've always had cannot be deleted as we always want our users to have at least 1 personalized view of their homepage.
  • A new corporate tab can be utilized that allows an admin to create a view that everyone can utilize. This tab cannot be renamed or deleted. It will be partitioned down to only show the data that you have access to can be comprised of all of the cards you know today as well as favorite reports!

  • How is your Sales Productivity? If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us about our customers it's that the demand for accountability has increased. With our new Sales Productivity data card on the home page, we're making it easier for sales managers to understand key things about their sales team. How many leads are waiting to be approved? How many new accounts were recently added for prospecting? Is any single person killing it with activities? Who do I need to talk to about past due deals? Add the card today, and If you have great ideas for productivity stats, let us know. It's something we'd love to build on over time!

  • The Forecast Change Report will once again run if Market is added as a hierarchy and you are including Pitched dollars from Projects as part of the Forecast.
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