Matrix Support

Notes for April 8, 2021


  • Choosing to Schedule a Follow-Up from an Activity Profile will load the Add an Activity dialog instead of auto-populating a new Activity Profile. This allows you to better choose a new subject instead of Monarch populating that for you. The Contact, Account, etc will still auto-populate for you, ensuring quick creation of your follow-up activity!
  • Saving emails to Monarch will now consider the contact owner before affiliating an email activity  to that person. This means the person saving the email and the person that owns the contact must be the same in order to properly affiliate the email to the contact and it will no longer be affiliated to the same contact owned by another salesperson.
  • We have removed restrictions on file types in Matrix Locker including those that are added to the locker by saving an email activity to Monarch. Please note, that this does NOT include embedded images on emails as that would then clutter your locker with email signatures. Files must be Email Attachments in order to be included.
  • The submit button for submitting your lead to a manager for approval was hidden for users with lower resolutions. It should now be back for everyone.
  • Users will once again be logged out according to their configured period of inactivity. You can re-authenticate again with you user name and password or will be redirected back to your single sign on provider if using an SSO. We also resolved an issue causing some users to experience extremely short timeouts.
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