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Notes for January 7, 2021


Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Integration Updates

  • Improved the back end efficiency of connecting Contacts to Activities created by the Microsoft 365
  • Some users have experienced issues connecting to Microsoft 365 (or disconnecting from). This issue has been resolved and should work on the first attempt. If, for some reason, we cannot complete the connection an error will be presented to contact our support team so that users do not get into a bad state.
  • Some users had attempted to log their Microsoft 365 Account into multiple users in Monarch. This was never the intention and as a result many activities were created and distributed to incorrect people. Henceforth, Each Microsoft 365 account can correspond with only 1 Monarch user. If a Monarch user attempts to connect their Microsoft 365 Account to another user, they will receive an error message that they need to disconnect from the other user first.
  • Updates from Microsoft 365 to Monarch had potential to clear out values on the Activity in Monarch like the Deal, Account, Agency, or Project. This has been corrected and you should no longer be seeing these fields cleared out when syncing updates from Microsoft 365.
  • Corrected issues around duplicate Activities being created from Events in Microsoft 365 causing the integration to fail for a user. Duplicate events should no longer happen, and as a result future syncing should continue to occur. 
  • Made syncing the Notes smarter between Monarch and Microsoft 365 so that notes added to a an activity that occurred in the past will not sync to Outlook calendar events. We found that our users added post meeting notes to Activities (which is great!) and so adding this enhancement will prevent unexpected invite updates being sent to your attendees from your calendar as that system is designed to send updated invitations when anything is changed on the invite.
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