Matrix Support

Notes for January 6, 2021


  • Corrected an issue where merging could cause the budget amounts to not be merged and remain on the pre-merged record. Budget amounts will now display on the record that the value was merged to.
  • Load priorities on the Budget Landing page has been redesigned so that you can access the template before the full page loads. You will still need to wait a bit longer if you need to see the dollar values, but it will not prevent you from accessing the template for editing the budget.
  • We have adjusted the messaging for an Autofill in Progress or an Import in Progress for budgets to check every 60 seconds in order to reduce an increase in errors that we were seeing in December.
  • Projects that included Outlets without goals were causing the Outlets Analysis tab on the Project Profile to crash and show no data. We have updated the calculations so that if you have sold a project on an Outlet that has no goal it will show 100% to goal. This change allows for all Outlets to display on the tab once again whether a goal exists or not .
  • Emails to the manager, when a Salesperson requests an Account reassignment from the Prospecting page, will once again be sent. 
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