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Notes for September 16, 2020


  • The Budgets landing page (the first budget page that you access from the left navigation) has undergone some performance improvements. You will now have a year selection in the upper right. By implementing this along with some back end code improvements, we were able to shave load times by 25-60%!
  • The Budget Entry screen (where you actually key in your budget) has undergone similar performance improvements. The UI is not changing, however, with all back end optimizations we are reporting 48-94% improvements! Some tests revealed load times dropping from minutes to a few short seconds! Factor this in across all of the people accessing Budgets over the coming months and this should be a major benefit to all users whether you're in the budgets or not.  
  • The Activity Report and Activity Profile page will now allow you to view the body of Email activities. 
  • You have the ability to set your preferred calendar in My profile which will be used in the Deal Profile Revenue Comparison, Reporting Calendars (e.g. Forecast Report), and the Revenue Tab on the Account Profile. These areas were selected from analyzing highest usage trends, but if you have other locations where you change the calendar type often please let us know via feedback! 
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