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Notes for August 5, 2020


It's August, and Budget Season is just around the corner. We wanted to get you prepared early so that you have the new tools needed to be even more successful next year! Here's what just came out for you...

  • Budgets can now be entered against an Agency in much the same what you would place a budget against an Account or a Revenue Type.
  • While updating your budgets, you'll have the option to hide any rows that do not contain a budget (regardless if the value is positive or negative). This option will be sticky and persists on each load as long as it was selected on the last run.
  • When expanding the subtotal row at the top of your budget entry screen, you can now sort the budget entry fields by any historical month's booked dollars.
  • We have added the ability to sort on the months and total column while editing budgets.


  • Alerts can now be downloaded to CSV for offline viewing and analytics

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