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Notes for April 2, 2020


  • Revenue Types are now optional when creating a Project


  • Scheduled Reports - Have you ever been asked to run a report for your boss, and then come to find out you are the best darn report builder on your entire team and are now that guy or gal? Wish you could get back hours each day or week while still getting the valuable sales information to those that need it? We're here to help with scheduled reporting, and it's rolling out in phases this month with the first phase this week!
    • If you can create or modify a favorite report from any of our standard reports (like the Ranking, Pacing, Forecast and more!), then you can schedule it to be emailed to you on a weekly or monthly basis. Weekly forecast reports every Thursday morning? Check. Monthly pacing reports  on the last day of the month at the end of the day? Check. Looking to run a host of different reports simultaneously every Monday and receive the results in a single email to digest over lunch? Check.
    • Do you want people that you share your favorite report with to also receive it in their email? No problem! Simply re-share the report and enable it for emailing. They'll receive a copy with their information in the email around the same time.
    • Do you have partners, investors, or members in another department that could benefit from some of these reports too? We've got you covered there too. As long as the domain in which those recipients reside is a trusted domain (meaning active users in the product also have that domain) then you can take advantage of external emailing capabilities too. Do note that recipients of the external emailing will receive a copy of the report that you also receive, down to the very last dollar. It will not have special partitioning since they are not members of the product. 
    • Any way you slice it, you'll receive an email with a snippet of the report and the ability to download the full report. Try not to get into the habit of leaving it to be downloaded forever, as we do expect to apply an expiration to downloads in the future as we gather more usage statistics.

  • The New Business Comparison Report now properly considers overall negative historical months when determining if dollars are New Business or not.  

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