Matrix Support

Notes for January 23, 2020


  • Updated the date format to match the style of all other dates on the Salesperson Profile on the Recently Imported tab.
  • Added an Outlets Analysis tab to Projects as an easy way to see the contributions to a project by Outlet
  • Projects now have further classification with Event Types. Event Types are just basic questions about the project that you are having that may or may not apply to every Project. However, if they do apply and you utilize them, our Suggested Accounts AI will only get smarter in how it recommends Accounts to you over time so we strongly encourage you to use them! Additionally if you have other Event Types that make sense, let us know and we'll evaluate them for future development.


  • Corrected an issue that would cause regular performance decreases across the board in the late afternoon (after 5pm EST). We're happy to report errors are no longer cropping up and support tickets have ceased around this. Happy sales to you, until we meet again!
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