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Notes for March 25, 2019


  • The global Search bar at the top of every page now includes up to 5 active deals. Search for a deal name in order to navigate to a specific deal. Additionally searching and pressing Enter will allow you to see results if more than 5 exist.
  • Quick Deals are making a comeback, starting with the edit experience! If you were missing the ability to edit your deals from the Sales Outlook, you are not alone. We brought this back for the Sales Outlook and introduced it to the newly added deals in the global Search. Whenever you see the "$" icon you can click on it in order to view a listing of deals that you could edit or navigate to. You'll then see a new icon of a notepad/pencil indicating that you can quick edit the deal. We hope that this allows you to gain back some time each week and we look forward to hearing more about your Superhero Sales Success in closing business!
    • Please note that not all fields will be available through a quick edit, and this is entirely intentional. We're providing just what you need in order to get updates in quickly, not replace the entire existing deal experience. Please give it a try and let us know your thoughts!
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