Matrix Support

Notes for March 11, 2019


  • We have updated the Agency List to a new, faster experience! The changes allow you to more easily see the relationship between Agencies, Accounts, and Salespeople as well as offer fast searching and filtering capabilities with a frozen header! You can download the list to CSV as well as choose how tight fitting you wish for rows to appear on screen to match your reading and scanning style.
    • We're very excited to have you try this out, and we know some folks will take a little time to warm up to the change so we've given you a way to go back to the old list if you feel that you cannot complete a certain task in the new. The ability to revert to the old view will only be around for a very short time, and you will be required to send us feedback on why you are reverting back if you choose to switch. This functionality is currently not available to trial customers/markets of Monarch. However, we are actively working towards providing this experience to all Monarch users very soon.
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