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Notes for January 11, 2019


  • Managers can be locked from editing budgets just like a salesperson can be. This can only be enabled if you sit above the manager(s) that you wish to lock, and is great for when corporate managers tend to take the lead on budgeting each year.

  • Deals can now be created for Agencies! You're probably thinking, "I've always been able to do that right?". Well, yes and no. This time you have the ability to create a deal JUST for an Agency without knowing the Advertiser!
    • This is a major change that allows you to Forecast for Agency business much closer to how you actually negotiate with an Agency. You don't always know what ad or advertiser is actually going to run, and If you happen to learn who the advertiser is along the way then we make it easy for you to add them onto the deal down the road. 
    • Please be aware that if you never supply an Advertiser on the Deal then we will not be able to automatically reconcile the deal for you when the revenue is recognized. However, we have created an easy way to solve this on the Home Page in the Deals That May Need to be Reviewed data card.

We're very anxious to hear your feedback on this after you close a few deals with a few agencies so be sure to use our feedback feature in the lower left and let us know how we're doing here!

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