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Notes for October 22, 2018


We  spoke with dozens of people about how they work each day, and it seemed  there was always one idea present. You want a better way of knowing  something needs to be done in order to help move the sales process  forward. We've introduced The Feed which lives in a notification bell at  the top of your screen. 


  • The Feed  will help managers know when a lead needs to be approved or when a  salesperson wants an account transferred among other things. It lets  salespeople know when accounts have been given to or taken away from  them and when deals may need your attention after recent revenue has  been found along with other types of recommendations. The feed will also  be an alternative view into your alerts as we experiment to see if this  is a better experience for users so please don't be shy about giving us  your input on The Feed! 
  • If you do not wish to see an  item on the feed any longer you can dismiss it and the results will  remain hidden until data changes. If you do not wish to see something in  the feed, ever, you have the ability to configure it and turn off a specific item.


We  really want to make this an easy, integral part of your sales  experience. Please let us know how this is working out for you and if  you have additional needs that can be addressed through notifications of  this type. This is probably not the last you'll hear from us on The  Feed, and it definitely opens up the doors for future workflow  improvements. 

Thanks for all of the great feedback!

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