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Notes for September 20, 2018


Many changes for the Home page!

  • You can choose if you want to have a data card expanded when you first log into Monarch. We've elected to default the Sales Outlook expanded for you, but you are free to choose one of the other data cards if that is more to your liking or none at all if you prefer! Just click on the heart icon in the upper right of most data cards in order to switch your default view. Simply removing the heart icon will allow you to view the dashboard without an expanded view as the default.
  • A new Data Card, Pending by Salesperson, has been released! We're trying a scatter plot chart and would love your feedback if possible. This would be a sister card to the existing Pending Deals by Categories Data Card.

  • Improved the display of the Sales Outlook data card when viewed in non Chrome browsers.
  • Added a way to tell that data is loading and you are not experiencing a problem for the Sales Outlook data card if longer load times are encountered.
  • Clicking through to a specific Revenue Type on the Recently Imported by Revenue Type Data Card will now filter down to the expected value instead of displaying all      results.
  • We noticed that the names of Data Cards when adding them did not match the names once loaded or drilled into. We have cleaned this up in order to mitigate any second guessing. We have also removed any data cards from the card selection that you have already placed on your Home page in order to ensure that you are not running duplicates and can better find what you need.

And an improvement for deals!

  • When a Deal gets created we will default to the latest category for the affiliated Account on the Deal. You'll still be able to change this, but we're trying to make reporting much more accurate. We will also be back filling deals where the category can be ascertained using the same logic.


  • You can set a permission on managers that will disable their ability to reassign revenue types from the Account Profile.

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