Matrix Support

Notes for September 13, 2018


  • The Performance page has been removed in favor of the new workflow from the Home page. All information that used to reside on the Performance page can now be found on customizable data cards on the Home page. 
  • Average Time to Close Deals Data card on the Deals page has been enhanced with new visualizations that should help you and your team understand what part of the process may need improvement.
  • New Recently Imported by Revenue Type Data Card on the Home Page! This will pair nicely with the existing Recently Imported by Outlets Data Card! 
  • New US Account Density Data Card has been added that will show you where in the United States your Accounts are located. This is most useful to Corporate Managers, Regional Managers, National Sales Managers, and any other user that tends to do a larger amount of non local business. Click into each state in order to view the Accounts within. Remember this is keying off of states so it relies on you to make it more useful!
  • Adjusted the clickable areas on some of the Home page data cards in order to make it more apparent that you can click on charts in addition to the link for viewing all data.
  • Navigating back to the home page after investigating items on the data cards should provide a more predictable experience and decrease the time you spend navigating.
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