Matrix Support

Notes for February 8, 2018


  • You now have the ability to specify the country for your Accounts, Agencies, and Contacts. This will cause the state (or equivalent) to only display selections valid for your selected country. Matrix will default the country to the site default for ease of use. In some countries, the address display will change which will also be reflected on the respective profile pages.
  • Country is now available in List Builder as a selection and display option in order to help you build a better targeted list.
  • Country can also be imported for your manual contact and account imports. Multiple countries can be imported from a single file as long as you map this field accordingly and use the proper names or abbreviations. If you do not supply a country, we will assign the site default.
  • The "'Zip" field has been renamed to "Postal Code". The functionality is still the same as before.
  • Corrected an error that could allow the Subject on an Activity to be saved without a value.


  • We have improved the Budget landing page for those users on the new budgeting experience. You will now be able to get to editing your budgets faster instead of waiting for the entire page to load.
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