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Notes for January 18, 2018




It's the new year and you're looking for some new business, right? Let Monarch help you by providing you with internal prospecting abilities off of your coworkers accounts via the Prospecting link in the main left navigation instead of sifting through thousands of records, wasting valuable time.
  • Locate Lead and Prospect Accounts that have not converted to billing accounts within 120 days of being assigned to the current salesperson and make a case to your manager why you feel you'd be the better fit to manage the account(s).
  • Find Billing Accounts that have not billed in the last 12 months and ask your manager if you can try to get them back on your books!
  • Perform searches on the Accounts that you subjectively feel are worth your time and request ownership of the account(s).
  • Managers and Salespeople can view all of the requested Accounts, but only managers can actually approve or deny the reassignment request and will be notified via email when requests are made!


  • Activity notes will now hold the format that you typed them in as.

  • You can easily schedule a follow-up activity from an existing Activity Profile. Matrix will copy over relevant information in order to make your life easier and help you to always have a healthy habit of a next step!

  • We have improved the performance when adding and removing contacts with activities.

  • The calendar on Activities will now display Sunday - Saturday.

  • Exporting the Today's Activity Data Card will now display the expected results

  • Managers can once again add Agencies and assign to other users on create

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