Matrix Support

Notes for November 30, 2017


  • If you are using the new budget experience to budget by Account and Salesperson then you may notice a new button displaying on some of your deals! This will allow you to grab the budget values that you entered and convert them into a pending deal. We recognized that most people who budgeted by Account were often copying and pasting numbers or looking at two screens when it came time to enter pending. We hope this helps to speed up the process and increase your accuracy!
  • Most of Monarch will now respect metadata name changes. This means if you change “Outlets” to be called “Stations” (as an example) then you will see the name “Stations” throughout the site. The exception to this is within Alerts, and those will be coming very soon!


  • When adding an Agency it is much clearer now that the Agency Name is required.
  • If you customize the names of items within Matrix (like changing Outlets to Stations) then you’ll be happy to know that the new budget experience will now recognize these name changes!
  • When automatically increase your budget you can now select from any of the previous 4 years’ forecasts instead of only the last year within the new budget experience.
  • The Budget Change Log now has unique icons that will help to make it easier to locate specific events when quickly scrolling through the log. You’ll also be able to quickly change to another item for analysis and view the Change Log by specific Accounts and Salespeople!

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