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Notes for November 20, 2017


  • Removed the link to the N/A and *New Business salespeople. They are not real people, but are necessary to help dollars roll up in various locations within Monarch.


  • You will notice a new option on the Budgets landing page when clicking on the menu at the end of a budget year's row. The View Budget Change Logs option will allow you to step through all changes made to the budget. For the initial release, you might not see changes prior to November 19th as the ability to expose the changes was just enabled. This feature is not at all complete, but it is quite functional! We are going to be rolling out updates that will make your life easier over the next week so stay tuned for updates!


  • A new Sales Stage API has been rolled out that will allow you to track updates to the sales stages for specific deals. If you have another system that might like access to this kind of information, let us know about it and we can work with you to help ensure greater success with this and any of our APIs!
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