Matrix Support

Notes for November 16, 2017


  • Matrix Locker, our file storage solution for uploads and email attachments, has been enabled for Monarch. The best part is that all of your files will carry over from previous versions of Matrix Locker so you can pick right back up where you left off!
  • The Timeframe filter on deals will not default to the current month and display a year's worth of pending. The other filters will now remember their last selection each time that you come to the deal pipeline. This should help you to better focus on the business that you often take direct action against. 


  • Budgets can now be exported from the row menu option of the landing page within the new budgeting experience. This is a great way to share your results with other teams that may not be using Matrix, but make sure to put all updates into Matrix and not into an exported file.
  • The Spending / Not Spending Alert will now display columns correctly in the results if you have a large number of Outlets selected.
  • Updated the Salesperson filter for managers through the entire system to better reflect salespeople that you have access to under less traditional team and security implementations. As a result you should now be seeing everyone that you manage instead of a small handful. Please note that this impacted a very small number of users.

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