Matrix Support

Notes for September 26, 2017


  • The Sales Outlook on the Performance and Salesperson Profile pages will now allow you to view information by groups in addition to the existing individual items. Simply toggle between the Show Groups checkbox in order to see the difference. 
  • Corrected an issue that prevented linking existing accounts with Localead


  • Matrix is now integrated with KATZ for streamlining your proposal workflow! Create deals from KATZ proposals and report on them sooner without the hassle of salespeople logging into two systems and duplicating efforts. Matrix will reconcile the deals as if they were natively created once revenue is imported from traffic. If you use KATZ, contact your Matrix Success Manager today and find out if an integration like this would be beneficial for your sales team! 
  • Corrected a display issue for salespeople on IE11 when accessing the new budgets.

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