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Notes for September 20, 2017


  • Tired of typing the same number into every month of a budget or figuring out what $100,000 divided by 12 months is? We’ve got you covered with Copy and Split functionality which can be found at the end of each budget entry row from the select menu. 
  • Continuous stability and performance improvements are being made to the new budgets behind the scenes. Thank you for your continued feedback and enthusiastic support this budget season!


  • We are extremely excited to announce that Matrix can now function in environments that do not have traditional billing systems that provide daily revenue imports. As long as you use Matrix for managing your pending deals, we can convert those deals into actual booked dollars! If this sounds like something your organization might want, let us know by reaching out to your Matrix Success Manager. We’ll talk through your workflow and see if it is a good fit. 
  • Deals in Monarch have been enhanced with the Net Amount functionality. This is great for any salesperson and/or manager that wants to update Deals with gross amounts, but also notes the Net percentage amount that can be optionally selected in reporting. This can be accessed from the Details section of every deal. Contact your Matrix Success Manager for more information if this feature sounds great for the way that you do business! 
  • Deal Weight, Stage, Office, and Status can be easily updated in the header just like the Due Date. Thanks for the feedback! 
  • Deleting dollars on a deal (instead of typing 0) will now treat the value as if you typed 0 instead of producing an error. 
  • Managers will once again have access to the Localized Maintenance functionality which enables them to Merge, Group, and Rename Accounts that are fully within the manager’s partition. This feature requires a permission to be enabled so if it sounds like something you’d find beneficial as a manager then give your Matrix Success Manager a call for more information!

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