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Notes for July 25, 2017


  • We have just finished getting the Prospector integration, that has been in place for a while now on Matrix Web, fully functional and updated for the new Monarch product! There are a few enhancements around the prospect search and claim workflow as well as a new interface for linking existing accounts via the Data Cards. As always our goal is to help you eliminate double entry and unnecessary work within multiple systems when all you really want them to do is work together! We look forward to seeing you all making use of this functionality and welcome any feedback that you may have.

Matrix Web
  • As we continue to improve performance within all of our solutions, we look at innovative ways to improve the output to you as well. That being said, you may have noticed a new link in the footer of each page, "Last Imported Date". Clicking on this link will show you when each billing source was last updated within Matrix. These are back end systems that many of you do not deeply or directly interact with so if you have any particular questions about how up to date a particular system or billing amount is please do not hesitate to start a Live Chat without support team for more info!

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