Matrix Support

Notes for July 8, 2017


  • Localead has been enabled for Monarch! You will have the full claiming and linking experience that you’ve grown to love from Matrix, but with the new Monarch styling. In addition, we’ve enhanced the searching criteria for the quality of results returned, improved performance, removed the need for a state when searching on city, and provided a brief summary to linked accounts from the Account profile pages around employees/revenue/other useful stats. 
  • The Deals pipeline has been enhanced to show you a more focused view on the deals that are closing soon. Hopefully we can help you to keep a deal from slipping off of your radar and close business faster in this new prioritized view!


  • A new Alert has been created that will help you to find Deals that are lingering in a sales stage for a period of time longer than you feel comfortable with. The Lingering Deals alert can be setup for a single Sales Stage or any stage in the process so that nothing falls through the cracks…even if the salesperson is no longer with your company! 
  • Leads and Prospects should all now have Offices affiliated with them. If you did not have a default Office selected in your deal preferences we chose one for you which can be modified by visiting any Account Profile and selecting the edit pencil.

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