Matrix Support

Patch Notes for June 28, 2017


  • Improved the tabbing performance on deals so that you can easily and quickly update your forecasts. 
  • The Deal Pipeline has been enhanced to make it easier for you to read and get to an individual deal by rearranging the data on each of the cards in your pipeline.  
  • Do you have salespeople that need to share every account on their team and fully interact with them from Contacts to Deals and everything in between? How about salespeople that need to share accounts but only modify things like the address, contacts, and activities? If either of these scenarios sound like you, let’s talk! We’ve developed a Shared Access Salesperson solution just for you and your team that requires no daily upkeep in order to see the team’s information! 
  • We know that managers also carry accounts so we’ve set out to make that experience better for you. You’ll find a way on the Deal page to quickly get down to just the accounts that you own as well as the Home page for the Pending Deals Value data card. This also applies to our Shared Access Salesperson role.


  • Leads and Prospects will now require an Office. Any existing Leads and Prospects will have their Offices automatically set for them based upon the owner’s default Deal Office setting on My Profile.

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