Matrix Support

Patch Notes for June 12, 2017


  • Sales Outlooks will now offer an easier way for you to see which deals make up the pending dollars when viewed by Account and let you get to editing them faster! 
  • The Recently Imported Data Card has been tuned to display accurate dollar amounts.

General Updates

  • Emails can once again be viewed from the Activity List. 
  • Multiple affiliations will again display for files in Matrix Locker as expected.


  • Intellilinked items will no longer write gibberish to the screen when requesting detailed information


  • Corrected an issue with KATZ that caused new Outlets and Offices to be created which would then require unnecessary merging in order to cleanse the data.
  • Localead’s “Already Claimed” feature has been enhanced to look at all accounts whether they were added via Localead or another method. 

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