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Release Notes for May 1, 2017


What an exciting time! We are happy to announce the beta launch of Matrix Monarch, the next evolution in the longstanding Matrix product line designed specifically for the Media Sales industry. Monarch makes the leap with you into the digital sales space with specially designed workflows for your orders, new team analysis, and of course bringing over our tried and true CRM and Analytics modules. Let’s dig in!

  • Data Cards - You asked for customizable data on pages and we have taken that to heart and invented interchangeable mini reports that you can build up on many pages within Monarch. Curious what leads need to be approved? Data Card. How many alerts are new right now? Data Card. Do you need a glimpse into your forecast/budget? Data card. Check them out on the Home Page, Account Profile, and Salesperson Profile today! 

  • Twitter Integration Enhanced – We have improved our integration with Twitter and placed it front and center when you log in. Make sure you get Twitter feeds onto your Accounts and you’ll begin to benefit from fresh news as soon as it is posted!

  • Team Page - Analyze your team across Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and truly rank them against each other. We’re providing analysis around Closed Deals to start, but expect additional KPIs over time as we continue to validate your feedback!

  • Improved Deals – You asked for better pipeline management, and we listened. We have now provided a view of your Deals on the pipeline that you can drag/drop between stages and total the amounts within. We have also improved how you create and enter information on a deal in a way that should cut down the time it takes to do these important tasks. 

  • Campaigns – DFP data has never been directly accessible by salespeople before. Matrix spent months researching how salespeople and their managers interact with digital sales and what information they need to share with clients in order to put together a phase 1 Campaigns module. This allows salespeople to view individual campaigns/orders from DFP as well as the delivery, creative, and line item metrics. If you’re not currently using DFP, let us know how you get statistics about your digital campaigns/orders today. We want to create multiple sources to pull from, but we chose the largest player to start working with. If you do use DFP today…then let’s talk!

  • New Help and Feedback Experience – We have created a portal designed to meet all of your support needs with new knowledge base and live chat solutions. 

  • Tried and True Features – Of course we’re bringing back fan favorites like our amazing searching, activities, prospecting, and contact CRM experience. No Matrix solution would be complete without stellar reporting, alerting, and dashboarding experiences either so expect to be able to answer the same important questions that you’ve come to expect from Matrix.

  • New User Interface - Of course there is a totally new user interface (UI) to work with when using Monarch, and we wanted to make sure that we addressed your feedback and adjusted with the latest changes to modern web development. For example, whenever you want to add a new Contact, Account, Deal, etc you will find everything under the Add menu instead of locating buttons throughout the site. We also wanted to better accommodate different sized screens and devices so Matrix will use as much or as little real estate on your screen as you wish while still providing you valuable answers!

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