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Mobile - Troubleshooting - iPhone Safari

Mobile - Troubleshooting - iPhone

When this occurs, the following process details what steps may be needed to resolve this;

Note- Due to updates, there may be some slight differences in the following selections.

1. Delete Matrix Shortcut on your Home Screen.

2. Close all apps on your phone.

3. Remove all Browser History by tabbing "Setting" -> "Safari" ->"Clear History and Website Data".

4. Allow Cookies by tabbing "Setting" -> "Safari" -> "Block Cookies" ->"Always Allow".

5. Allow Pop Ups by tabbing "Setting" -> "Safari" -> "Block Pop-ups" -> set it to "OFF".

6. Set the "Passwords and Autofill" to YES by tabbing "Setting" -> "Safari" -> "AutoFill" -> "Names and Passwords" -> set it to "YES".

7. Shut your phone off, like a reboot. Then turn your phone back on again.

8. Tap "Safari" and type in your full company Matrix URL.

9. Please enter your email and password on the login page. Then click "Submit"

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